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The following is a press release that was published and widely distributed for my book, A Salute to Patriotism: The Life and Work of Major General Howard L. Peckham. The emphasis in this release is on his World War II work in Washington as head of the Fuels and Lubricants Division.

A New Book Explains How the U.S. Army Procured Fuels during World War II and Efficiently Allocated Them

During World War II, securing enough oil and gasoline for American troops overseas and properly allocating these fuels was a tremendous task. This important job fell into the capable hands of the Fuels and Lubricants Division of the Quartermaster General’s Office. A new biography, A Salute to Patriotism: The Life and Work of Major General Howard L. Peckham, describes the difficult work of the Division during the war and the dedicated army career of the man who headed it.

Manteca, CA (PRWEB) February 15, 2009 — Many books have been written about the famous U.S. generals of World War II, such as George S. Patton Jr. and Omar N. Bradley. That’s why A Salute to Patriotism: The Life and Work of Major General Howard L. Peckham, a 402-page biography published in 2008, is a much-needed addition to that war’s literary history. It follows the career of a man whose name is not widely known, but who made a big contribution towards the victory of the Allies over the Axis forces during World War II.

After transferring from the Corps of Engineers to the Quartermaster Corp in 1942 and receiving a promotion to brigadier general, Howard Louis Peckham went to Washington, where he directed the Fuels and Lubricants Division of the Quartermaster General’s Office. During those years, he served concurrently on the Army-Navy Petroleum Board (ANPB) and occasionally testified before Congress about army petroleum needs. The necessity of adequate oil and gasoline for American troops was always on his mind, and he worked hard to obtain them.

His hard work paid off handsomely. For meritoriously procuring fuels and lubricants and then allocating them to the military forces of the United States during the period October 1943 to September 1945, he was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal. His division had efficiently allocated petrol, oil, and lubricants (POL) to all the theaters of operation, thus helping them to secure victory.

A descendant of Revolutionary War heroes and a graduate of West Point, Howard Peckham felt a sense of patriotism early in his life. The author traces her father’s career from his early childhood in Norwich, Connecticut, to his retirement years in Washington, DC. She includes one chapter about his engineering assignments during the Great Depression, such as serving as Deputy Administrator of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in New York City, and three chapters about his postwar work as head of the American Graves Registration Command (AGRC) in Paris. The responsible service he performed in command positions after receiving his second star in 1952 is also described, as is his post-retirement job (1957-1958) as a consultant for the Free Europe Committee (FEC).

For her research, the author examined government documents, her father’s diaries and letters, and numerous other sources. The book’s photographs, which number more than 150, also back up the veracity of the book’s historical content.

One image in the book will undoubtedly linger in the reader’s mind longer than the others, in view of America’s current search for energy resources. It shows military vehicles arriving on boats and rolling onto shore the day after D-Day. As noted in Fuels for Global Conflict by Erna Risch, before any vehicle was transported to Omaha and Utah Beaches in Normandy, it was filled with a full tank of gas and carried an extra supply of gas in five-gallon cans. For that foresightedness, and for other expert planning, America can thank Howard L. Peckham and the Fuels and Lubricants Division.

For additional information on the news in this release, or to purchase a copy of A Salute to Patriotism, contact Cypress Publishing at http://www.cypresspublishingsaratoga.com. You can also send an email to Jean Peckham Kavale, the author, at cypresstree123 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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