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I am 76 years old and live in Central California with Bob, my wonderful husband of 49 years. (We moved here last year from Silicon Valley.) Bob and I look forward to celebrating our Golden Wedding anniversary next August in our retirement community's nice clubhouse. Here's some background information about me, since this is my blog and not Bob's. I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1954 armed with a bachelor's degree in English. As I learned after a few weeks of pounding the pavement,jobs for college-educated women were few and far between in those days. This was especially true if your degree was in the Humanities. (Job-wanted ads for women were listed separately from those for men.) I therefore returned to school, received my teaching credential, and taught in the elementary grades for a few satisfying years. Nevertheless, I missed working with adults and still dreamed about becoming a writer or editor. My dream came true. In 1977, I was awarded a master's degree (in theology) from the University of San Francisco and entered the publications field. My first book, Faith and Philosophy, was published (by Redwood Publishing) in 1979. From the mid-1980s until my retirement in 1997, I worked as an editor in Silicon Valley. I loved the work and received accolades from the people for whom I worked. God works in mysterious ways! Retirement has given me the opportunity to write full time, for which I feel blessed. I am now an independent author of two books. I'll tell you about those books in my blog.

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